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Company introductory meeting

group follow up

Simple Start Training

mental training

suspense and invitation

Follow-up training

Keep in mind

learn the 7 essential skills

1- How do you find the right people for you?

2- the invite

3- the offer

4- Follow

5- close the deal

6- How to help people who are new to you get started

7- How to invite people to corporate conferences

There are 9 basic steps that you must remember and repeat

1- success decision

2- independence

3- up and down

4- the time

5- Development

6- Learn and master the skills

7- The system he uses has 4 steps: Do / Try / Show / Tell

8- Focus

9- Mental strength and mental toughness

The eight foundations

1- Goals
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2- Commitment
3- names list
4- Suspense and invitation
5- job offer
6- Follow-up and contain objections
7- upliner’s advice
8 cloning

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